Joy’s TMO Experience

Your Name

Joy Ohioma

How long have you been with TMO?

1 year

Describe your experience with TMO so far.

It’s been amazing. Sort of puts me on my toes.

What’s your area of commitment to TMO? (Media, Blog Author, Graphics, Location Head, Member, Follower)


Have you benefitted from being a part of TMO in any way, please share an instance with us? 


When TMO launched her Academy, I was given a task I never knew I could do. Also, I participated in the TMO Mentorship Training. It was enlightening and knowledgeable.

Do you love TMO? If yes, tell us why, if no (I don’t know why you should say no). Lol


The people in TMO have a way of making you want to do more.

TMO is about helping people, not just teenagers. For instance, during the lockdown, although I had just joined, I was amazed at what the Lagos team pulled off. It’s been an interesting journey.

I love the pioneer, TEEFAITH. How she conceived, and birthed this vision, and still keeps it going till now is worthy of emulation.

It’s our anniversary, leave some sweet words for us. 

TMO will keep leaving prints on hearts by touching lives. As the number of her years are, so shall her strength be.

What’s one thing that stands out about TMO to you 

The teams.

Is there anything you’ll like to see us do differently this new year? Please, share. 

I’d like to see more physical meetings.

Thank you so much, Joy!


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