What offends you may not really not immediately catch the attention of the offender. As a matter of fact they might not even realize that they have done anything to trouble your spirit.
Not all offences manifest immediately. Sometimes you’ll have to be a master at reading people’s body language to know that you’ve offended them … More OFFENCES


What’s Forgiveness? Forgiveness is the act of excusing a mistake or offense. Forgiveness helps you achieve even your most practical and immediate goals. Perhaps you want a better job, to earn more money, have better relationships, or live in a nicer place. Forgiveness helps you achieve all of these. If you have not forgiven then … More FORGIVENESS

Civilization and Vices

What’s Civilization? Civilization is a stage or system of social, political or technical development often on the scale of nation or people What are vices? Vices are crimes depending on jurisdiction related to pornography, gambling, alcohol, drugs or prostitution. In short, a bad habit  It is incontrovertible that ours is the generation of myriad of … More Civilization and Vices


Peace can be defined in both positive and negative sense. Positively, peace is a state of serenity and stillness; however, in a negative sense, peace is the absence of war or violence. Everything is evaluated not according to what it looks like at a certain moment, but by the degree of its development. Through a perspective … More PEACE 

Love Hunger

The Hunger for love can do strange things to man. It can cause us to question ourselves and our worth. When we are hungry physically, we can choose to have a balanced/healthy meal, and when we’re hungry emotionally, we tend to easily make unhealthy choices. So how do we handle LOVE HUNGER in a healthy … More Love Hunger