Death is inevitable

None of us like to think about death. In fact, many of us engage in a life long effort to drown out, escape, or otherwise ignore the obvious: death is all around us, and we ourselves are getting closer to death every day.

Our normal inclination is to find creative ways to save ourselves from this inevitable end. We may exercise religiously, diet regularly, dress fashionably…but these things may temporarily make us feel better about our situation.

The Bible tells us that as long as we’re seeking to save ourselves, we will never even see what real life is all about. And as long as we postpone submission to Christ and his claims upon our lives, the only assurance we have is that God’s wrath is continually on us. John:3:36.

Think of it! Not just escaping hell, not merely overcoming death, not only enjoying life here and now but the everlasting bliss of perfect worship in the presence of our perfect saviour, Jesus.

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