Offences are violations or an Infraction of a moral or social code.
It’s when people violate certain moral codes we have established or social codes we have agreed to.

It’s also exceeding the boundaries people do not want you to exceed or coming into the territories which they have not permitted you into.
Offences may be in degrees. It could be attacking you or assaulting the other person. It could be something that outrages moral sensibilities. In law, it’s when people have broken the law or exceeded their boundaries. It’s called offence.

Offences are feelings of resentment or emotional pain, because while we have established that only close people can make you feel offended, yet you can also have resentment or emotional pain because of national decisions, social decisions, or ministerial decisions made in the local church, government, locality or association you belong to.

What offends you may not really not immediately catch the attention of the offender. As a matter of fact they might not even realize that they have done anything to trouble your spirit.
Not all offences manifest immediately. Sometimes you’ll have to be a master at reading people’s body language to know that you’ve offended them

The bottom line about offences is that they are deeds of the flesh.

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