The Pressure of Becoming in the World Today

Friends have expectations of what they expect us to achieve. The society and social media has put pressure on us to ‘become’, but we can still control the effect of all this on us.

If you take the wrong step or move to ‘become’ when you are not ready, you would have yourself to blame for the consequences! … More The Pressure of Becoming in the World Today


Reinventing You!

You were designed for something uniquely beautiful. It is in you. If you feel like you’re not fulfilling purpose, it only means that you are yet to chisel off all the unnecessary things and allow the beauty show. This unnecessary stuff may be in the form of negative self-talks, certain routines, habits and negative associations. … More Reinventing You!

Accepting What is Done

In general, life happen to us all. As often as not, these mistakes and painful events weren’t deliberate or personal. Sometimes, they just don’t know what they were doing; they were as naive, as ignorant and as human as anyone could be.

Don’t label people and events as ‘good’ and ‘bad’. As good or bad as those events or persons might have seem at the time, it is how we allow it affect us that is the real ‘good’ or ‘bad’.  There are two ways to go about it: … More Accepting What is Done