Accepting What is Done

We make mistakes. Sometimes grievous ones.
We get hurt. Most times, really hurt.
We hurt people so dear to us, often times, not intentional.
At some point, we fail to reach certain expectations. Expectations that ordinarily should be expected of us.

We have suffered dysfunction relationships and even childhood at some point.
People have suffered and had to deal with the hurtful feeling of rejections.
Some have experienced abuses that ate so deep. From close ones, sometimes, even from family and relatives.
The ones we loved and trusted so much has at one point or another turned their backs on us.
We have all suffered disappointments too.

In general, life happen to us all. As often as not, these mistakes and painful events weren’t deliberate or personal. Sometimes, they just don’t know what they were doing; they were as naive, as ignorant and as human as anyone could be.

Don’t label people and events as ‘good’ and ‘bad’. As good or bad as those events or persons might have seem at the time, it is how we allow it affect us that is the real ‘good’ or ‘bad’. There are two ways to go about it:

  • You can either allow those things affect and eat you up, or
  • You can let go and simply accept them as character forming; and choose to see the positive sides of them and ignore the negative.

Apart from the fact that our choices in life has brought us far, the people in and around our lives have contributed immensely to who and where we are right now, because we are all products of those who made and broke us.

It is therefore essential to embrace all the bad things that happened in the past as an important part of you and simply move on. Yes! As hard as it might seem. Move on.

Embrace all these, for they have fueled you thus far and still have the ability of fueling you further. You wouldn’t be you if those events were erased.

Truth is:

  • If you’re given a chance get in front of all those who hurt you and hurt them back, it’s never going to change a thing. It will be a total waste of time (you won’t even have an iota of the feeling of being satisfied).
  • If you’re given an opportunity to rewrite those events, you wouldn’t be you. You have somewhat become immune against such events.
  • If equally given a century to blame yourself for hurting that/those person(s), it’s not going change how they felt about what you did. The fact that you feel guilty about it, is a sign that you’re a good person. (Good people have a conscience). If you can make things right, why not? If you don’t have the opportunity to do so, draw lessons from it and move on.

Accept all that has happened. What is done is done! Choose to see the positive sides, and draw lessons from them. Sincerely let go to the extent that, if given a chance, you wouldn’t want to change a thing. Yes! Looking back, it might seem tough, but it made you!

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