Overcoming the Fear of Failure

Have you been through situations where you were seated in a classroom during a class and the teacher or lecturer asked a question. You knew what the correct answer was but you weren’t bold enough to get up to answer the question asked?

Or probably you were called upon to answer the raised question but you stood up and it was as thou the answer blew away into the air and the wind carried it off. Just within seconds, you went blank and your heart beat double paced back and forth like you were on a marathon race.

Likewise the feeling some people get when they heard that the exam timetable is out. They are immediately destabilized, feeling very disturbed. Moreso, when as a student you seat in an exam hall and immediately the invigilator says ‘start’ you could not remember a single thing that you have read earlier.

What just happened? You kept wondering.

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Every of the above scenarios narrows down to the ‘fear of faliure’. We all do not wish to fail.

To overcome this fear of failure, you should consider the following factors. Check yourself and improve on your fear of failing.

  • The GOD factor

Keep God constant in all of your life endeavors. Be conscious of the fact that God is not interested in your failures but His delight is in you being 10 times better than your counterparts. See Daniel 1:18-20.

In all your ways acknowledge HIM and He will give you the confidence that does exploit.

  • Preparation

Mostly, we fear to fail because we have failed to prepare. Good preparation builds confidence in us. It makes us sure of ourselves to face anything. When you make adequate preparation, the fear of failure is minimal.

Procrastination won’t help, it destroys.

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  • Pray out fear

No matter how well prepared some people are for an exam or a task, they still fail. It’s not that they don’t know what to do but fear still gained a better part of them.

You should pray fear out of your life.

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  • The companies you keep

There are friends who could instill fear in you. They don’t make you believe in yourself. They mock and try to discourage you whenever you want to do something different. Start moving with people who encourages and always want you to be better.

Hang around people who inspire you.

  • Build yourself confidence

Use positive statements in your thinking. Say positive things about yourself. Say things like ‘I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength’,’I’m also intelligent enough to get the prize’,’I can also get promoted’.

Think positively.

It’s almost impossible to go through life without experiencing a kind of failure but the wonderful thing about failure is that it’s solely depend on how you decide to handle it.

You might choose to see failure as “the end of life” or see it as “part of life’s experience”. Choose wisely and correctly.

Hope to see you soaring higher!

Overcome your fears today!!!

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