10 Simple Habits That Set Successful People Apart

Successful people do not only possess skills and work hard, they have routines which they have consistently observed over time, thus, turning them into habits. They possess certain habits, which single them out.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but an habit.

What are habits?

The English dictionary defines habit as ‘An action done on regular basis. An action performed repeatedly and automatically usually without awareness’. By this, one can say, Ejiro wakes every 4:00am by the force of habit.

Thus, habit can be referred to as a force.

An action repeated within the space of  at most 21 days, consecutively, becomes a force we may no longer have control over. With time, these routines somewhat become involuntarily actions.

An habit can either be positive or negative.

Studying great men, certain habits were synonymous with them; their skin color, location and field of success notwithstanding. Join me, as we take a peep at some of these habits.

1. They Plan Their Day The Night Before

One may ask. “What’s special about making a list of what to do during the night before? Why not it do it in the morning of the day?”

This gives our brain and subconscious the opportunity to visualize our activities during the nighttime. We find ourselves adding and subtracting certain actions from each items that will make it a little more effective.

2. They Prioritize The Written Activities In Their Lists

Each task, of course is important, but in a list with about 8 activities, at least 2 or 3 are more important than the rest from the list. Those 3 activities should thus be the top 3 on the agenda (come first) And must be completed first.

3. Successful People Wake Up Early

There’s something extraordinary about the early meeting with our maker. It is still and quiet. It is the time when you hear him clearest. Psalm 53:1 “Oh Lord my God. Early will I seek thee” The Bible recorded that in the wilderness, while others slept, King David would wake early to study the laws and words of God and seek his face earnestly.

The Lord speaking in the b part of Proverbs 8:17  “Those that seek me early shall find me.”

 Mark Cuban and Brian Tracy, successful best seller authors and inspirational speakers mentioned the importance of waking 2 hours before beginning the day’s activities.

Those hours can be spent in meditation, having fellowship with our maker and, or reading a book.

4. They Have Goals

The power of goals cannot be overemphasized. People who have S.M.A.R.T-ly written down goals are almost halfway gone in solving them. Goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. 

5. They Deliberately Guide Their Thoughts

You become what you think about — most of the time.

What then is it that successful people think about, most time?  They think about the  future  and where they are going, and what they can do to get there. 

Non-successful people, on the other hand, think about the present, the pleasures and problems of the moment. They think and worry about the past, and what has happened that cannot be changed.

One of the greatest enemies of success and happiness is negative emotion.

6. They Read  A Lot (Every and Anything)

If we commit ourselves to constant reading, thus increasing knowledge, ONLY God can limit how far we will go in life – Benjamin Carson.

Successful people are either on a book, just completed one, or about to begin the next. They are constantly seeking to broaden their knowledge, thus know more.

7. They Are Conscious On Who And What To Spend Their Time On

Money spent (even wasted) can be gotten back in a matter of time strategically. But time wasted can never be.

If it’s not beneficial to your health, business, career, academics and most importantly happiness, why spend time on it?

8. They Are Great Communicators

Successfully people are clear communicators. They constantly work on their communication skills.

Knowing what to say is not all there is. The question is; How do I effectively translate what I know? 

A teacher might be the most knowledgeable, but it has no usefulness in the life of his students if he cannot communicate effectively his knowledge to his students.

9. They Maintain Healthy Lifestyles

I do not think we can be seen as all-round successful, if our health and vitality is challenged.

Everyone wants to be rich, dept-free and thin. – Brian Tracy. But not everyone is willing to work out.

Successful people take their health as priority.

  • Make a decision to eat healthy
  • Exercise at least 4 times weekly (One may not necessarily go to register in a gym, but it’s fine if it’s feasible. Walk regularly and make time for jogging. Surf the net and look out for exercises that can be done indoor)
  • Go for check up yearly
  • Check your weight regularly
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Observe enough sleep (You might want to sleep quite early, knowing you’re gonna be up earlier than the others)
  • Observe simple safety rules

10. They Unplug

Being a successful person does not translate to being a bore and a workaholic all year round.

Take some weekends to spend time with family. Go to the movies with friends. Go out visiting and having a good long laugh with them. It really doesn’t bite. It in fact, refreshes us for the following week.

You don’t have to allow anyone make you feel bad for having a little fun even amidst challenges. It’s sometimes exhilarating!

We necessarily do not have to rush into observating the 10 all at once, as we walk gradually towards perfection.

I hope you got something from this post. you can leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post.


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