The Excellent Student Series

In the world today, many teenagers battle with their academics. So many want to be atop the class, but some end up in the average class and some others still struggle to catch up.

Knowledge is Power but many fail to realize that getting power is not an easy task, and if getting power is not an easy task, then getting knowledge is certainly not a child’s play.

To excel as a student in any institution of learning, you must know some basic truths, some of which I’ll be sharing with you today.

1. Know the category you fall into as a student

This includes the easily distracted ones, self centered, and so on.

2. Determine to improve

Your determination is what will help you get going when everything seems boring.

3. Discipline yourself’

Cut off all extravagances that aren’t needed, to help you concentrate.

4. Organize your daily routine

A successful man is one who has his day figured out even before it starts

5. Find a reading time and position

It could be before you sleep at night, at the middle of the night, or very early in the morning. You just need to find a time that is convenient for you. I personally prefer reading before I sleep, because I hardly wake up at midnight and I mostly wake up late.

6. Follow it up

To be a successful student, you must ensure you read as much as possible at the time that suits you.

7. Distractions

Steer clear from anything that might distract you while reading. This includes your electronic gadgets or even food.

8. Take your time

You really don’t have to rush while studying, else you might not fully understand all that is there to.

I hope you got something from this? You can leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post.


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