Do I have Self Esteem Issues?

Refuse to settle. You are more than this. You deserve to live, you deserve to enjoy life. You deserve to be heard. You deserve to be seen. Embark on a self-discovery journey that would lead you to the knowledge of who you truly are and what you are truly capable of doing. … More Do I have Self Esteem Issues?


Overcoming Distorted Negative Thinking

Imagine you criticizing yourself and bringing yourself down, telling yourself that you are impossible, that you’re worthless, etc. It’s not just criticism but it affects you negatively. You tend to lose faith and hope in yourself, then negative thinking sets in, which not only affects you but also your work, your relationship, your mind, low self-esteem, health and life. … More Overcoming Distorted Negative Thinking

My Unplanned Body Changes

My face and body seems to excite me more these days than ever before. I wanted to know how I look as each seconds pass. I’ve undergone and had to cope with numerous body changes such as pimples, dark spots and sometimes I feel too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short etc. I kept wishing I could look this way or that way. It kept interfering with the way I feel about my self-image. … More My Unplanned Body Changes