My Unplanned Body Changes

I began to look more at the standing mirror in my room, more or less unconsciously. I notice everything, including my eyes, nose, ears, mouth, muscles, hips etc. Tried cautioning myself, but I observed it was getting to the extreme. Before and after my morning bath, I do that more often than not.

My face and body seems to excite me more these days than ever before. I wanted to know how I look as each seconds pass. I’ve undergone and had to cope with numerous body changes such as pimples, dark spots and sometimes I feel too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short etc. I kept wishing I could look this way or that way. It kept interfering with the way I feel about my self-image.

As my body changes improved, so does my “self” change with it. I started comparing myself with my friends and feel I do not match their standards. Depression crept in, I was always conscious of the fact that I wasn’t going to be like my friend in terms of body size and shape. Now, with all this feelings in mind, I withdrew mostly from social activities and hardly spent time with friends. I preferred keeping to myself to avoid embarrassments. It made me sad, lonely and sometimes wishing I wasn’t given birth to.

Insecurities gained the better part of my time and thoughts. It got really bad when people began to talk about my physical changes especially when they were not nice compliments.

Change is the process of becoming something different. It could be deliberate or not but physical changes occur mostly when we don’t plan or intend for it. It happens as we age and mature.


With all these feelings in the air about yourself, know that your body image depends on how and what you think of your body. A positive body image is feeling happy and satisfied with what your body is growing into; comfortable with and accepting the way your body looks. A negative body image is feeling unhappy and unsatisfied with your body; uncomfortable with your body shape and size and trying to change it at all cost.

Note, these two categories depend on the factor: feelings- it in the end affects your self-esteem.

Feel good being the true version of yourself and not giving in to whatever others feel or think about you. Your feelings are what make you who you are and not what others feel. Compliment yourself the way you wish others would- it makes you regain your lost esteem.

Remember YOU look good being YOU as long as it’s healthy, you are good to GO. Positive image brings positive actions and reactions. Feel positive being you. No one can do that for you.

I hope you got something from this? Feel free to leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post.


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