Skin Care Tips For Teens Before a Big Event

Events, whether small or big are headaches to me ranging from what to wear to how to look. Looking good is not all about the dress but also the skin. While you are planning to attend a big event, you need to start spending some time for your skin to your face glowing and radiant. To make your face glow, you need to focus on your skin care. Skin problems start mainly during the teenage period due to lack of proper knowledge about skin type, skin care routine, hormonal changes and amount of facial cleansing products.

Tips to Help you Get a Flawless Skin

1. Get adequate knowledge about skin products

You can be tempted to use every product that is advertised on the television or get lured by how amazing your bestie looks by the choice of the product. You need to be careful on the choice of your skin products and I would advice that you put to regards an elder’s guide, because a wrong product can cause a skin problem.

2. Have a healthy and balanced diet

Teenagers have the habit of eating junk. They think it is healthy because they crave them. Good skin care comes with a good healthy and balanced diet combined with the right time for eating, and in right amounts is essential.

3. Know your skin type

It is essential that you know your skin type, whether it is oily, dry, normal or a combination. Avoid using many products at one go.

Skin Types

1. Normal skin

Normal skin has a very smooth skin tone, soft texture and no visible blemishes, red spots, or flaky patches. Pores are barely visible. A normal skin has few imperfections because of the balanced amount of water and oil and good bad circulation.

2. Dry skin

It is dull, rough, scaly and itchy, with almost invisible pores. Dry skin is usually caused by an abnormal shedding of cells from the skin’s outer layer. If you have dry skin, wash your face daily with a mild cleanser, it will help prevent your skin from becoming drier.

3. Oil skin

Oily skin is acne-prone skin with open pores, a shiny complexion, black heads, and pimples. Hormones affect oil production, anything that affects your hormone levels may influence your skin. Some experts believe that stress, such as from exams or not getting enough sleep, may trigger outbreaks of acne.

Use cosmetics and other facial products that are “non comedogenic” meaning they do not clog pores. Keep your hair off your face and wash.

4. Combination skin

With normal/combination skin, you might have an oily “T-Zion” (forehead, nose and chin) and dry skin elsewhere. The pores on your face are large, and the skin tend to have blackheads. If you have normal/combination skin, wash your face two or three times a day with plain soap and water to remove the excess oil moisturize areas and not only dry areas.

Use cleanser properly

Always use a mild cleanser on your face morning and night. If your skin is dry, make sure that the cleanser you use has a moderate amount of moisturizing properties, while the oily skinned people can look for oil free cleansers.

Check with a dermatologist before buying cosmetics

Ensure that products are oil free, or it could lead to blocking of pores which results in acne.

Moisturize your skin everyday

A good moisturizer helps to increase the water content of the skin’s top layer. It helps to hydrate the skin.

Clean off make up before sleeping

Avoid going to bed without washing off your make up. If make up is not removed, it can also clog your facial pores. This is likely to react with the skin to cause rashes, acne, dark spots and other make up reactions.

Drink lots of water, water helps your skin glow, shine and be more soft and supple.

Rest and exercise; invest time in enough rest; wake up in the morning and exercise.

I hope this helps!

Much love!

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