Priority in Relationships

When you’re angry, you may not see the whole picture. When angry, you would most likely justify yourself alone and judge too quickly. So, it’s better to take the decision when you’re thinking straight and not when you’re under the influence of anger. Prioritize the ‘major’ above the ‘minor’. Prioritize that relationship. … More Priority in Relationships

Can We Talk More Deeply About Love and Lust?

Isn’t it extremely cheap to make ephemeral promises, when lust is ruling you? Isn’t it so sweet to make yourself believe promises that your guts tell you are not true?

With every reason in the world to leave, Love cannot imagine life without you. Love will give you its eyes, the entirety of its being, and will gladly make the riskiest sacrifice in the world for you. … More Can We Talk More Deeply About Love and Lust?