Can We Talk More Deeply About Love and Lust?

The night’s moon was still faintly aglow, Clara strained her body about her disheveled bed, half awake. She pulled and rolled rhythmically towards the edge of the bed, somehow anticipating to feel a body cuddle hers, as he had all through the night.
But doggone, Michael had regained homeostasis and went ahead with life’s business. Too bad, that movement was for good!

He was no longer picking her calls, he blocked her on all his social media handles and then sent a message to her e-mail to inform her that they couldn’t go any further with the relationship. After that night, he got tired of the whole thing.

Did you say Michael was unfair? Well, I wouldn’t.

I’d assume he got what he wanted, and there wasn’t so much to do again. They both got what they wanted.

It just turns out that girls are more vulnerable emotion-wise than guys.

Michael was her kingdom come; she loved him beyond bounds.

He made lots of long-term promises with her. I’d do this, I’d do that, we’d go here, we’d go there. He’d always compliment the way she held her self, wore her lipstick, makeups, skirts/trousers and the belt across her waist, anything to express how charmingly beautiful she just was.

Isn’t it extremely cheap to make ephemeral promises, when lust is ruling you? Isn’t it so sweet to make yourself believe promises that your guts tell you are not true?

Clara lost all resistance. He was a perfect, fine boy with his glossy pink lips, and he was prince charming enough for her! She had always been dreaming of that particular day when the huge biceps of his arms would be her blanket for the night. They had always been doing that.

Infatuation is the best tag for a feeling like that, as it was more than a crush, because it was mutually known. Subtract fantasy and sexual exploits, their relationship was good for nothing! Very mundane.

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And somehow, they got to pay dearly for it.

It was a waste of life, pointless and baseless at the end of time as Clara couldn’t get life right, ever since Michael dumped her after several rounds of lust. Apparently, he wasn’t as hurt as she was.

Here, lust was the order of the day.

If you’re not reasonably learned, you can easily mistaken Lust for Love.
I’ve heard people say they are even related, they think Love must later result in Lust and vice versa.

This notion is categorically absurd, untrue, unorthodox and baseless too.

In reality, you can’t practically Lust, if you’re in for Love. But it’s an ABC thing for anyone to Lust and assume its Love. It’s so easy to do that.

Love and Lust are two completely different things, they occupy different grounds.

Maybe you are in a relationship that’s not defined, it’ll make me happy if you get things right from here. Shall we? Yeah, good!

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What’s lust?

It is a feeling of strong desire, especially such a feeling driven by sexual arousal.

What’s love?

It’s a strong affection. A profound and caring affection towards someone.

Lust is a drive or an urge, it is the metamorphic result of fantasy.

You see a girl dressed in a tight cloth that unveils her God-given properties; you know what I mean! And you are wowed, your body starts reacting, the curves so appeal to you, the plump chest keeps you staring, you feel a spark across your neurons, your eyes keep blinking in seconds interval, and your head tells you it’s love you are feeling.

Or you spot a fine boy with pink lips, huge biceps, and wide chest. Then you begin to trip, different things begin to coalesce through your mind, things start happening to your body, and so you conclude it is love at first sight, or love in the air or whatever.

Sorry, it’s not love, it is lust and it will hurt you and the other person eventually.

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Lust is so powerful, very manipulative and authoritative. It is the reason you would go any mile to get down with a girl. You could even go as far as raping, and messing up your dignity!

One thing that scares and bothers so much about lust is that it is so cunning and short spanned, it’s practically impossible to lust with a person and not detest the person after that! Yeah!

Read books and do your research. You don’t want see the face of that person show up before you again, you just happen to hate them once the forceful desire of your eyes gets satisfied.

Lust is dangerous and perilious, life can get really miserable after lusting, addiction can come up, depression, suicidal feelings and a whole lot of regret.
That’s how grave lust is…

Love is way different. Lust is powerful, but Love is much more powerful.

The forces of love cannot be conquered.

Love happens naturally, without conditions, without terms, without principles, without do’s and don’t’s.

It just flows out of a sense of utter compassion, profound and caring affection. With diverse flaws and scars, Love will stay stuck with you.

With every reason in the world to leave, Love cannot imagine life without you. Love will give you its eyes, the entirety of its being, and will gladly make the riskiest sacrifice in the world for you.

That’s how love works, and it has knocked lust out of the way.

Unlike lust, love isn’t a drive or an urge. Love is humanity, to love is to be humane, no strings attached, no necessary expectations in return. Love is just love, it is pure.

  • When it comes to love, it isn’t her hips and shape that draws you, it is her speech and brain that would.
  • When you love, looking beneath the fold wouldn’t be your Topmost priority, rather you look after the soul of your loved one.
  • Love still loves, no matter what time throws its way.
  • Love still loves, regardless of any wrongs or odds.

The destination of lust is what’s between your legs, the destination of love is a marvelous future and peace.

The most significant distinction between love and lust is “God’s love” and “Devil’s lust”
Doesn’t God love you? Though you sin a lot, what do you give him in return? Nothing really! And regardless, that fact still stands.

In reality, that’s true Love!

And hey! Love doesn’t fade, it doesn’t end. Whoever loved you and stopped loving you never truly did. Any love that fades isn’t love, it is plainly traceable to lust. Again, love doesn’t end.

Lust is additional in nature, all it craves for is Gain.
Love is not like that, love wants to go through your pains with you, it still remains Love, even when you’ve got nothing at all to offer.

Sometimes, your guts are all you need to discern stuff. But your head would always get in your way of heeding.

Don’t be swept away by what you see, what you see will usually end in lust. Lust is about the external features, everything it sees is all it knows.

Love is way beyond that, it is more interested in the internal things, what is not visible. Your intellects, emotions, feelings and all.

Don’t you think you deserve love? Don’t you think you should choose love? You are too unique to settle for lust, baby. Go for the best you deserve!

Don’t be dwindled; don’t be scammed; don’t be used; don’t be dumped.

Remain real and stay true to love!

I hope this encourages you to stick to love and never settle in lust.
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