Harassment Changed My Life | by Deborah Agboye

I sleep and wake up in silence. I breathe with my stolen voices. I should halt my thought from speaking out. I assumed much damaged would be done and reputations would be damaged. Indeed, a reputation was tarnished but overwhelmingly, it was not theirs but mine. I googled what this meant, it was too much … More Harassment Changed My Life | by Deborah Agboye


Know your Rights | by Valentine Oliver

It’s quite sad to discover that most teenagers get physically and psychologically abused everyday and yet do nothing about it, simply because they feel they have no right.
Like it is commonly said, Knowledge is power. What you don’t know can be used to bully you.

Until a teenager knows and understands that he/she has the right to report an adult who has been maltreating him/her, then the teen will still remain at the mercy of that bully. … More Know your Rights | by Valentine Oliver

MISMATCHED | by Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole

Either ways, the result is unhealthy, because these two sides are tied to wrong mindsets. The feeling that you cannot mingle with the rest of them, because they are rich and you don’t have up to what they have. Oh! You really do not match, so you step away to maintain your lane. Or it’s probably the other way around; the rich pushing you aside because they can’t mingle with a low-life, so you are left on your own to bear the pain you never asked for. … More MISMATCHED | by Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole

Senior Gori | by Jane Kareem

My freedom came the day he hit me for not being able to get a large smudge off his favourite singlet. He had worn it to play football the previous day and my fragile hands could not do the work he expected. For the first time ever, I raised my voice at him and he punched me square in the face, giving me a black eye. It was my ticket to freedom and all I needed to do was to show my face to Mr. Kay, our house master. As expected, Senior Gori threatened me and I did the needed, or so I thought – I kept shut… … More Senior Gori | by Jane Kareem