“Have a standard, live up to it and handle things just the way Christ would”- Ademiluyi Moyosade (Eniola)

Eniola talks about her High School life and how it has been so far after she left school. She’s multi-purposed and also aspiring to be a Psychiatrist someday. She ends her story with this inspiring sentence “Just have a standard, live up to it and handle things just the way Christ would, peace out”

I am Ademiluyi Moyosade (Eniola), and I’m excited for this privilege given to me to share my story!

Just like yesterday 2014 was here and I was out of sec school. Lemme fill you in on what it was like, while in sec school I was a ‘perfectionist’ I never wanted anything or anyone out of place. I was everywhere in the school; a boarder, school fellowship vp, hostel fellowship prayer coordinator, chorister and of course the senior prefect girl!

I had so many nicknames due to the many posts I held; names like Harry Potter ‘cos I loved reporting the not-so-good things I heard or saw; ‘headymo’ was coined from my name and post; mummy G.O cos I loved going to church to fulfill all righteousness and I saw people who wanted to be like me I just laffed in Spain at them, even with all these, I was just a normal student ( not so serious and unserious). Soon, results were out and they weren’t as perfect as my perfectionist self had expected, SS3 was over as soon as it started.

Ademiluyi Moyosade Eniola
After High School; my almost idle year

I miss those days! Well gone are the good old days, and into the world I went.

Life as a teenager outside High School has been daunting and demanding, did I mention dat I was naive? Oh! Yes, I was. I believed lies easily but now I hardly trust anyone. Emotions have been flying here and there, especially the five minutes crushes I wish would stop.

I had a crush in High School but not after I found out he liked me too but he couldn’t approach me. Didn’t have much to do after High School cos university didn’t come thru immediately, during dat period I had to learn a trade but I was sort of idle. My almost idle lifestyle could have caused me a lot but for d grace of God and good-real people I met dat have been helpful to put me aright. Every experience has been a teacher of how to be strong and stand tall with my head up among oppressions.

I’m aspiring to be a psychiatrist someday while studying public health nursing at d Osun State School of Health Technology Ilesa, Nigeria. I’m also aspiring to be a student of the ‘prestigious’ Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)
I’ve come to realize that to feel this way isn’t wrong just as being hungry and thirsty isn’t. I just have to fill myself with the right things, they are so normal. I’m bold, beautiful, love oriented, healthy, Christ minded, and sexually pure, and above all, God’s got my back like my spinal cord.
Just have a standard, live up to it and handle things just the way Christ would, peace out ✌🏻
Yours in love,

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Ademiluyi Moyosade Eniola
About the Writer

Im Ademiluyi Eniola, 17, a student of oscohealth, aspirant of d ‘prestigious’ OAU. I love talking, meeting new pple, I make beads. I want to be a celebrity in my field. I’m kind of harsh and rude but behind it is a very soft vulnerable heart.

You can reach her via her Email Address: Hennyiedee19@gmail.com

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