Teen Silence Campaign

Lade finally lowers herself by the edge of the couch, after pacing around for what seemed like an hour. She’s been thinking a lot lately, and does not know what to do. Her life seems to be muddled up, and sometimes, she just wants to conclude that she is the worst being who has ever lived. Being a teenager, especially in a rugged area like where Lade resides, demands so much than she can handle.

Life’s been tough both in school and at home. Lade sometimes feel her classmates can try hard not to laugh at her while she wiggles away in her oversized skirt. It’s even worse in her neighborhood when she passes by and hears hurling insults at her; at her mother who is irresponsible, and the father who never seem to care.

A tear streams down her right cheek, as she tries to lift herself off the floor. Lade’s life now revolves around pain, insecurity, low self-esteem, uncertainty, and tears.

What do you think Lade should do?


Teen Silence Campaign

Join us in this online Campaign tagged TEEN SILENCE. We are against any form of inappropriate silence among teenagers.

You can stand up for what you want, rather than mellow in silence and kill yourself gradually.

The campaign is set to run for six days, 12th to 17th December, 2016. We will be dealing with 6 sections (Bully, Discrimination, Right, Harassment, Abuse, and Depression) respectively.

Like our page on Facebook: facebook.com/teensmeetonline
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There will be corresponding articles on our website (teensmeetonline.com), from different writers. You can subscribe to the site to get the articles directly in your email.

For enquiries, contact teensmeetonline@gmail.com

Let’s do this together! #TeenSilence


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