Be a Voice and Not an Echo

Voice is the sound produced from the vocal tract through the mouth by a person when speaking or singing.

An echo is the relay of sound off a wall or inside an enclosed space so that a noise appears to be repeated; a sound that is reflected back in this way.

To be a voice is to be an original version, to be the real you God has created. Living your own very life, and not the life of others.

A voice-like teen is usually

  • Real and truthful
  • Admired and appreciated by people
  • Like a light that shines
  • Loved by everyone
  • Prospers in everything he/she does
  • Possession of the fruits of the spirit(Gal 5:22-23)

Another name for echo is imitation.

An echo always want to be like a voice. When we say a word into the well or microphone, there will be reverberation of the word.

This is how some teens are. They are fond of imitating what others do. They don’t have a particular destination, their common language is ‘anywhere you go I follow’. They mostly live the life of others and not theirs.
Always wanting to be like another person, being ignorant of what the person went through before becoming who he/she is presently.

An imitator does not have time for himself/herself not to talk of God because they are always on a lookout for what trend their imitator is following.

I don’t mean having a role model is bad, but modelling your life around the person without having and knowing the plan and purpose of God for your life is not at all the right option.

Wonderful teenagers, let’s be original and not fake/imitators.
If you really want to be a voice and not an echo, there are some steps to be taken;

  • Look up to God as your greatest role model
  • Be determined
  • Know your purpose in life and prayerfully/wisely walk by it
  • Everyone has different standards, set your standards too and live them
  • Set your priorities right
  • Obey your parent/guardian’s instructions.
  • Avoid negative peer group influence.

Teenagers are the heritage of the Lord. God is really interested about your life.

He created you specially, so why would you desert the special wonderful you to chasing after trying to be like another person?

You are the best!!!


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