Love Found Me- Chapter Two

Continued from chapter 1…


It has been exactly two weeks, since I went out for any social gathering. Work has been nothing but hectic and in a way, refreshing. I stood in the mirror as I examined every bits of my body. I discovered that my weight loss was not doing me any good as I kept losing weight in areas I did not approve of. “Oh dear you better start eating right.” I looked at my long straight legs, they are enough to die for. My silk night-dress could not help but reflect my amazing curved body which I might be losing soon if I don’t start an appropriate diet plan. I took my hands off my waist, as I rubbed my face trying to find any spot or boil growing but yet again, it was as spotless as a diamond ring. I guess that saying was right in the bible about being wonderfully and fearfully made. I was covered in guilt as I remembered that I had not been in church for some time. “Okay, years”. I confessed to my inner self. As I tried the justifying the reason why I stopped believing in God, my phone rang and it was still my social freak happy friend who called me for another hang out. I still don’t know why I said yes to her, but it was a Friday night, and the night was too young to be dancing in self appraisal. Hmmm…I am going to eat that chocolate candy I have stored in the fridge for two weeks. The thought of that chocolate gave me life as I walked to the kitchen, dancing to the song playing on the T.V.

I knew something has always been missing in my life, perhaps it’s love, I cannot quite lay my finger on that. I got dressed and took my time to look good as though I was getting ready for the presidential elections. But to be clear, I would make a fine first lady, and the prettiest one that has ever ruled. I picked up my clutch purse from the bed as I wore my six-inched heels. I know I was selling the single aspect of my life, but I tell you, it’s nice to market your brand (you) once a while. I closed my gates, because I was down to party all night. I wasn’t ready to drive so I thought taking a cab would be just fine. I waited for about two minutes as the cab man was taking forever. My feet were aching; had I known, I would have worn something  not too tight. I would not call it luck as I saw a car flashing its light at me. I almost sighed in relief but I got the shock of my life because it was not the cab man but the guy I was saw weeks ago. If there is anything like fate, I do believe that it has a way of catching up on someone.  I wanted to smile but I held it back as I didn’t want to sell cheap. I was so thrilled to talk to the man I fantasized about. I could not decline his offer, when he decided to offer me a ride. For the next twenty minutes, we were both silent. Until I broke the tranquility by telling him my destination. He just gave me a questioning laugh and said He thought I was not going to say anything, because he was willing to drive to any mile just to spend the night with me. I must confess, I blushed deeply. No one has never me felt so insanely caught up, I don’t know what this is but it will cause no harm to try, I thought to myself. I told him, he could keep on driving because where I was going to was not really fun , as it was just nothing but loud musics and food. Or maybe because I finally found what I was searching for, when I decided to attend the event at first, my  conscience pricked me.

He accepted as I tried to lighten up the moment. Where do you work, I asked? Where do you live? Do you stay around here? Tell me abou…I was about completing my sentence when he asked me to slow down. I guess I just didn’t want to waste any more chance being with him. He laughed and introduced himself. My name is Clem Ham, I am from the Western part of Nigeria, I was brought up in the United State. I decided to come back home, to help support our government and give back to the society. I am a medical doctor by profession and also a great cook. He chuckled. I am tall and handsome as you can see”. “oh! yes you are” I agreed with my inner self. “But I have refused to model for any company, even if people on the streets mistaken me for a super model” he said I asked him why he refused to model? His answer was straight and manly. He said it would confuse people about who he is. I wanted to ask him what he meant by that, but I did not want to scare him off with too many questions.  I backed off easily as he told me interesting tales about his family and unending jokes about his sister and best friends. I enjoyed every minute I spent with him as I allowed him talk and talk for hours that felt like minutes.

I am usually bored by guys who talk too much but I loved listening to his voice. It was strong but he has this soft way of talking that got me enchanted. 12:00am; it was sad but I had to go, to show him I wasn’t the girl who could stay so late with a guy she just met. It felt like I had known him for ages but I had to call it a night, since first impression really mattered. I opened the car door as I stepped out, he just quickly said that I had forgotten to tell him my name. I laughed and told him my name is Paula Joseph. He sighed heavily, as I closed the gate behind me. Before I could take five steps, I had loud knocks on the gate, I rushed to open it, Clem just shouted a little louder than he spoke all night and said he forgot to ask for my number. I smiled and gave it to him.

The night was one magical one I will live to remember. I blessed the taxi driver for coming so late, because of him I met my prince charming. All he knew was just my name, number and where I lived. I practically didn’t say much, because as dazed as I was, I did not find it comfortable talking about my past and family with someone who seem like nothing but cheer perfection.

I thought he would call as I clinched the phone to my chest but he didn’t. I guess my 12:00am passed and the spell had worn out. I had to face reality and move on. But how can I forget the misery man in the dark?



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