Love Found Me- Chapter 1


Just one more annoying client to deal with after this long sappy day of clients telling their love stories. I mean, my job is interesting and I love it. I am a specialist in this aspect of career choice. It is supposed to be my dream job, how come I get tired listening to how marriages fail because both couple fell out of love.

My day started of unpleasant, starting from the instant, the grumpy man in the yellow Ferrari car splashed water in my expensive Givenchy coat. Trust me, that cost a fortune. I know I will have to spend a lot of money to dry clean but I can’t afford to let it get ruined. As I stepped into the office, I got a mail that made it seem like the day was cursed. I still had a lot of bill to settle at the hospital since I am the only daughter who cared enough to pay mama hospital’s bill. I thought the day would rain a smile on me till I got a client scheduled at 12:00 pm who  later arrived five minutes late and found the dexterity to take my office as another war room. I mean, I am supposed to be counseling them, Not them amusing me by their horrific voices. After ten minutes to the end of their session, they decided to indulge my presence as they both sorted my opinion on what needed to be done to make what is left of marriage worthwhile. I cleared my throat since I was confused as they both were. I smiled and tried to relax my muscle as I crossed my legs sitting in an opposite position to enable us have a mutual appearance of ourselves. Then I started “Mr and Mrs Joe, I thing we all could help ourselves, by stating the obvious here. It’s nine minutes left to the end of this session, I will be brief, as I have other clients to attend to. I would not want you both wasting your money, in this period of recession, scheduling appointment that you both would end up counseling yourselves and still pay me my fee. So I will advice that you both come in at different interval so we can all understand what is going on here”. They were both silent as they watched the movement of my lips as their eyes moved to follow the rhythm  of my mouth. I asked them what went wrong with the marriage, they were both staring at me as though I asked them what the colour of their underwear was. I assumed they would be ready to throw fault owing the past minutes of heated arguments. They were both calm and collected as I continued talking to them both. After some minutes of counseling them, they agreed to come separately since they really wanted the marriage to work out.

The moment they stepped out of my office, I had to spread my legs a little because it was already hurting as I sat majestically for one hour thirty minutes. The fitted pants I was wearing that day didn’t do my justice because even the Air Condition in my office could not suppress the heat I felt downwards. “I don’t know what is wrong, but today feels off and my mind feels absent too”. I muttered, as I was about  getting ready for the next clients when I got a call from my assistance saying she cancelled. I just sighed and said, “something came out of this ruthless day”. The pain of my coat still hurts and thinking of all the bills I had to settle was another issue I wouldn’t want my mind to wander to right now. I decided to get busy doing some other things that would fetch me at least food on my table. The knock on my door almost made my heart skip; It was my assistant who popped her head in. I was about asking her why she knocked the door that way, but the look on her face gave me the answer to my question. It was 7:30pm. I had never stayed this late before. Poor girl must have thought I passed out since she didn’t see me come out, not even for lunch break. sorry ma, she said and I asked her why she didn’t come by 4:00pm to check up on me. She said she didn’t want to disturb, she only got worried when it was getting dark and she was starting to doubt if I was alright. Sarah is truly a faithful assistant. Since she started working for me, I don’t have issues of errors or whatsoever. she is diligent and open-minded. I admire her beauty, she is flawlessly gorgeous. Her hair is another thing I have a fling for. She has the physique of a run way model. I wanted to ask her why she applied for this job, since I wasn’t paying too well but I silenced my thought, knowing I was lucky to have someone as tremendously hard-working as her. By  the time Sarah was gone, I stood up from my chair to stretch my upper body and legs, the crank of my bone made me realize that I had over worked myself. I picked up my blue hand bag which matched the nail polish of my fingers. I smoothed my shirt with my hands, knowing fully well it won’t help straighten the slightly roughen parts. I went to the side stood as I snatched my car keys from it. I just wanted to go home, and lock my self in the bathroom. The thought of the hot tub gave me a reason to smile. I grabbed dinner on my way home. My tummy instantly started making funny noises, reminding me that I had not eaten anything reasonable asides the bread and tea I took for breakfast. I finished the dinner while driving and drank my favorite orange juice to unleash the  sweet taste of my food.

Finally I arrived home and placed my bag on my make up table. My eyes were searching for any rubber band to pack my hair all up. The weather has been nothing but harsh this month. I removed my pink chiffon shirt and saw that the collar was colored with sweats from the day. I almost started to worry, because I haven’t gone for shopping for months. Arrgh…Money problems really do suck sometimes. The only thought on my mind was soaking myself in the hot bath tub, languishing my sorrow and problems in it. I entered the bathroom and loosened my bathrobe. I carefully dipped my first foot inside the water, testing the temperature which was perfectly okay. I relaxed my muscle as I placed my head on the tub letting my body get buried with the vanilla scent of my shampoo. I knew something was missing from my life but at this instance, I couldn’t tell what it was. I remained in the tub till the water was starting to feel lukewarm. I stood up and turned on the shower to rinse my body properly as I stepped out of the tub tying my goof  towel around my chest. My lonely life is certainly no pain to me.I love the simple artistic design of my home. The furniture was exquisite, you might have mistaken me for a billionaire. I love the paintings on the wall and the beautiful couch that make me feel like I was in heaven, each time I decide to rest my head on it. I know I spent almost all my savings, trying to get the house that I will be comfortable with years to come.

I used the be the fashion goddess, I used to have all the things I needed until mama got sick and all my savings had gone paying hospital bills and medication. OOPS! I miss my days of plenty. I knew something had to be done and complaining was sure not part of the solutions. I climbed my bed and that reassured me luxury is a good thing.

The sound of my alarm woke up  me from my sleep. It was 6:01am the second I stepped out of bed. I quickly did my daily exercise routine to keep my figure. I rushed into the bathroom and showered. I dressed as casual as I could be since I wasn’t going for any meeting today. I wore my favorite heels, I know I am trying to look simple but my beauty won’t fail to glow. I picked my grey  bag to match my shirt. I hopped into the car but I must tell you, what I saw was not something I would have dreamt of in years to come. I think I must have woken up in the right side of the bed today. I thought perhaps I was dreaming, but it was as real as the cloud in the sky.The look on his face was very tender and daring. I was carried away before he ran past me. He probably didn’t notice me, I was inside a car and he probably wouldn’t have seen me. I knew thinking about somebody which I was certain, I would never encounter again was hopeless, so I began to reminisce on my future plans and goals at work.

All my clients today were quite pleasing and less demanding. Things were ruling in my favor as checks were all coming in from people and old friends. I was offered a different opportunity to move business forward, but I didn’t want to make any decision in a hurry because I was too happy and overwhelmed. I sat down on my chair, resting my back soothingly on the chair, as I flung my head backwards. I started to recollect all the things that had happened, before My mind wandered to that peasant as I saw earlier today at my Estate. Who could he be? If fate was ever true, I hope it brings us today I whispered quietly.

For years, I never thought I needed any man in my life, but for some reasons, I feel like I should stay connected to him. It’s like I have met him in my past life. Like he belonged somewhere in my life. My life these couple of years, has been nothing but fulfilling dreams and goals. I haven’t really thought about settling down or had any serious relationship, since I ended things with Kelvin years ago. He was a calm, peaceful, friendly, honest, handsome, generous and a marriage material kind of guy. That was the problem. He wanted the traditional settings, where him and I will get to settle down, have kids and build our dreams together. That was his dreams not mine. I thought differently from that. I was not ready for the big commitment of marriage and the idea of kids scared the living daylight out of me. Breaking up with him was the hardest, I didn’t want to waste his time and mine. He pleaded for us to continue when I was ready, but I did not want to hold him down since I didn’t know when I would be ready. It was difficult letting him go since we had spent some years together as couples. Ever since then, I decided to stay single instead of being the cause of another man’s pain. The journey has not been smooth but work was just the perfect distraction for my celibacy.

I knew for sure that the only place to end my sour mood was to go for that concert that Anita invited me to months ago. I picked up the invitation from my drawer and prayed that the date hadn’t passed. Oh yeah! Today has indeed being my lucky day, the show starts at exactly 8:00pm tonight. I was for some strange reasons excited to go out, so I could finally do justice to that red dress that had been hanging in my closest for months now. I just hope it still fits since I had lost a few pounds. I hurriedly drove home and prepared for the concert. I stepped out from my apartment with my back revealing dress. I didn’t mind what people would say. I loved it, and that was what mattered. The drive there was very refreshing, and thank God it was traffic free. I turned up the radio a little louder as I mouthed the lyrics of the songs that kept playing. I swear, 105.1fm is the real jam. I thankfully arrived at the venue as I was directed where to park. It was surprisingly filled with a lot of cars. I believe Anita now, when she said it was a huge concert. I thought my day was going fine,  until  I was ushered in to sit beside the Air condition. I wanted to decline, owing to that fact that my dress was too revealing, but I saw every guest acting way too classy to decline. I walked majestically to that seat, as I sat down . I was way too prepared for the concert  to allow any sort of cold to ruin my day. As if the cold was not the worst thing that was happening to me, the glances from the old women too, was colder than the Air condition. I saw them whispering and staring at my revealed back. One of them finally had the guts to speak up. She asked what home I come from? She asked if I were married? I was just staring at her listening to the end of each question. By the time she seemed to have finished,  I focused my attention on the Artiste as the Air condition was freezing my inner bones. I still sat comfortably and told myself that just another few more minutes, the show would be over with. I was not enjoying any more of the show because I was too cold and I didn’t want to give those women the satisfaction of walking away.

Thank heavens, the show was over. The night I thought would be one of the best night of my life, was literally the worst. I did not wear that dress to come off as being desperate, I wore it because I loved it. Being an African, Nigerian precisely, where people are mostly judged by what they wear. I love fashion; I like think my body is well carved enough to explore all the beautiful dresses made in the world. My beautiful dress, I could not explore. I was almost whining, when I recalled that I had taken a very good picture of my dress hours earlier. Hallelujah, I thought. At least something turned out right. I drove back home regrettably as I crawled in my bed like a little child. I still could not  get that strange face I saw earlier on today off my mind and I wish I could do that. For the first time, I thought of having a family. I came from a family of five. My dad is financial stable. He is doing well with his business and the company he is managing. Mom never worked since she got married to Dad as a fresh university graduate, so after their divorce, things became hard for her since Dad later got remarried. Some of my siblings went with Dad which he later sent back, saying the burden was too much to bear with his new family and children. I was the youngest and the toughest.  Mom struggled as a single parent to put food on the table. My inability to have the parent I wanted did not define me. I knew too much than to allow my weakness be the cause of any inflicting pain. Since the divorce, mama has not smiled like the way she used to. I could still remember the time papa went to Paris, he claimed to have seen an African shop there, were African traditional fabrics were sold. He said when he recollected the beauty of mama’s eyes, he could not resist the urge to buy it for her. I could still see the smile on mama’s face. She was so proud of her husband, she danced and danced and told everyone the story. She even boasted about how lucky she was to have met my father. She told us that men like papa were hard to find. You could smell her joy from miles away. How proud she was of him. She displayed her gratitude by cooking papa’s favorite food and garnished it with all sorts of meat. She clearly told me in particular to marry a man like my father. Now I see that it ain’t possible. What transpired between them?. They used to be every couple goals, even my dream at that time was to find a husband like Dad and have a heart like mum. You can just never tell. A home may be so bright but there are shredded pieces of fragmented bones buried in the inside of the family. I tried being thankful for all the good thing I had as the memories of mama’s smile splashed through my imagination again. What a breathtaking smile. I guess that is where I got my look from.


To be continued…

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