I see myself falling into the deepest pit.

I see myself drowning from the deep blue sea.

I see myself running to an endless miles,

I want to stop but I can’t.

I see myself wanting things that seem impossible.

Craving passion that is formidable.

Tears cannot give me the joy that I seek.

I try to find balance but my heart is in a state of turmoil.

I should stand, but I found tranquility in this state of oblivion.

Wake me up that I might see the things I have, which will give me reason to go on.

I am in a state beyond obscure

I am still submerging and all I see is emptiness and darkness.

I will plunge a thousand times to hear those word that makes me whole again.

My feet are failing like a cricket ball.

My eyes look dried like the meanest weather.

I can stop myself, but please let me continue to drown till I find my safe haven.

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