Look at the sun;
No matter how scorching it might seem to be, the moon eventually cools it harshness.
Glance at the star;
It could be the brightest at night, but the dullest at noon.
Even though I am the not the luckiest when it comes to love, I will never stop loving.
Even though no one cares about the number of hours and sacrifice put into a piece, I will never stop working hard.
Even though no one is looking, I will never stop looking beautiful.
Even though I might be the shortest in the room, I will never stop standing tall.
Even though things has chosen to prove difficult, I will never stop fighting for the things I want.
Even if my IQ seems average, I will never stop studying.
Even though it might seems too much, I will never stop wearing beautiful dresses.
Even though all hope seem lost, I will never stop dreaming.
Rain falls, but that hasn’t prevented the clouds from turning bright.
Even though my prayers seems to stop at the roof top, I will never stop having a little hope.
I will never stop doing what I love, even though it is the least in people’s opinion.
I will write the good writes, even though it is clothed with errors and mistakes.
I want to look back and see how I never gave up,
How I never gave failure an option, no matter how hard it strikes me.
How I fell and rose up stronger than I had ever been.
The chances taken without any accomplishment is way better off than the chances not taken at all.
I will look back and see all I have accomplished in my own little way,
I will laugh at my mistakes,
I will mock the trying times,
I will even tell the tales of my struggles.
Though I will never forget to tell how I never gave up no matter the results.

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