Time- An Important Factor That Determines Destiny | by Olowu Festus

The saying that God’s time is the Best have had many bank their lives on it, forgetting the context in which the word refers to. Don’t get me wrong, God’s time is truly the Best! It helps us focus and have patience, which is a rare virtue in time of difficulties. There is no doubt to the Potency of that word, especially with the Miracles recorded in the scriptures concerning WAITING ON GOD. Let’s take Hannah for example, there was a time in her life when she had to wait on God (waiting season). But, this is the angle I’m going. She waited but she waited in Fear.

Scriptures says Faith without works is Dead. She later discovered that even while waiting, she had to pray. Prayer was the work she added to her Faith to birth results. Many forget the aspect of working while waiting on God. Most youths especially, forget that time is not on their side. The last minute you used to read this article from the beginning cannot be recovered again. We spend time rather than investing in time. When you spend time on stupid, silly and irrelevant things that does not add value to you, you just finished wasting time and you can never buy the time back.

Everything lost in life can be recovered except time -Pst Sanmi Popoola.

Come to think of it, do you know that your youthful season is your waiting season? See, time is ticking and you’re sitting. Don’t misquote me, “to everything under the heaven’s, there is a time and a season”. The fact that your friend got a job before you do not make you anything less. You are not just destined to be employed at the same time but if you fail to do the right thing (i.e. Planning), you will miss the appointed time of getting the job.

As a student preparing for an exam, there is a time to work, read and plan towards the exam. But if such student fails to plan, failure is in view. Don’t let us be too carried away by “God’s time is the best”, neglecting the fact that a slogger or lazy man will eat the bread of sorrow.

There is a specific time to eat, drink, sleep, go to school, etc. Also, there is a time stipulated to gain admission, graduate, marry, get job and fulfill Destiny.

There is no unrighteousness in God, whatever you sow is what you’ll reap. Therefore, God is not wicked; when you fail to do what you ought to at the right time, you will miss that time. It’s so funny but annoying that we later do it at a time meant for something else. For example, a student who is meant to read between 10:00pm and 12:00am fails to do so because he was busy playing games. He knows he has a test the following day and he must not fail. So, to cover up, he started reading late around 1:30am when he was meant to relax his brain and sleep. On getting to the exam hall, he could not coordinate himself because you can’t cheat nature. Now, if failure shows up, many would resolve that he should wait for God’s time. Meanwhile, God never made him a failure, he chose to be a failure.

Doing what is right at the right time brings good result. Procrastination is the thief of time, stand up and do it now! There is a time to stay calm, to observe, and you must not work at this time. There is also a time to work, and you must not be calm or slow at this time.

You need to understand the times and seasons you find yourself, just like the Men of Issachar who understood times and season. Let’s be sincere here, it takes effort to be Diligent and Focus. Diligence and focus is the key to doing the right thing at the right time. Many youths are working behind schedule in Destiny and are ignorant of it. In your waiting season, your hands must find something useful to do. The gifts of man maketh room for him. Seek ye a man diligent in his ways (dealings), he will not stand amidst mere men, but with kings and royalties. Only a gift that is put to test makes room. You must be diligent in whatever you find your hands doing. Diligence will make you go for classes on time, attend church services on time, get to your place of work on time, etc. Focus will make you stick to the place of Diligence even in discovering Purpose.

No late comer makes it in Destiny. If you start out late in life, you will be behind God’s timing for your life. “By strength, no man shall prevail”. The plan of the Devil is to make you a late comer in Destiny. You can be on time in Destiny, no matter the number of years you’ve wasted, through the help of the Holy Spirit. A life without Christ is a life off timing. Christ can still fix you back and Procrastination will be out of your story. Remember, you are either late in Destiny or you are on time. The choice is yours!

Olowu Festus Olusesan.
(Prince Olaf£st)

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