Am I Too Young to Impact Lives?

You are not too young to impact lives. God has blessed every individual with diverse gifts, values and talents that others can benefit from.

A word of advice and encouragement to a brother, sister or friend goes a long way in influencing their lives. A word of encouragement to your parents when they are down will inject life into their spirit.

When I was much younger, before teenage years set in, my parent had a disagreement. I really was not comfortable seeing them in such state. I knew I wasn’t bold enough to face them, so I decided to draft a message to both of them and by evening of that day, they were in good terms again.

Just my message of reconciliation to them and that a young teen like me could have discovered what was happening and took that step, changed things.

You would be respected for whatever impact you make, but ensure you don’t look down on yourself.

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4 thoughts on “Am I Too Young to Impact Lives?

  1. We really need to keep telling adolescents and even children this. You don’t need to wait till you are 18 or 20years before impacting lives and living ones dream. An early start is the best. God bless TMO for these timely messages. Happy anniversary and wishing TMO more impactful years

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