How I Started Leaving Prints On Hearts Consciously

It has been two years since TMO started.
Two solid years and I have been reading from TMO since July 2016.

Something happened the first day I saw the blog. I was amazed at what God could do through me as a teenager. I have always desired to tell my fears, help others grow, teach people about God. Perhaps, TMO was the right platform I needed to have.

I saved the blog to my bookmarks and read from there frequently, things began to change. 2017, I decided to make an attempt to start writing for TMO. At first, I was worse.

I was scared, what if people don’t like my write up.
What if it would not be published?
What if that is not what is needed?
A lot of what if’s, but I didn’t stop writing. I wrote another article, then another article, yet another month came by and I wrote another one.

I don’t know if that captures my story with TMO, but there is more to it.

There is a reason why we were all born on earth.
There is a reason God has kept you in that family
There is a reason God had made you meet those friends

From my little stay on earth, I have learned that surrounding yourself with the right set of people does not only affect you positively, but launches you into greater heights.

You can’t leave prints on heart if you don’t have good friends around.
What does your friends say about your goals in life?
Are they in support? Do they mock you or laugh at you.

I was talking to my spiritual leader recently, and he said something. “You have to stay away from friends if they don’t like your new life”.

Living a healthy and happy life is our heart desire, but it wouldn’t come just like that. We need to be consistent and conscious about it. Be deliberate about it, so much that nothing happens a day without you working towards your desired life.

Leaving prints on hearts used to be the hardest thing, because I hated the word leadership. I used to feel I am not great enough to lead men, to give judgement. It is changed now, my friends keeps attesting to the fact that I would be a great leader. They say I would lead men.

It may not seem to happen now, but each day, I realize who I am becoming. A leader in making.

Let’s check out those who set landmarks in the Bible. They were leaders; they led people; they were deliberate and consistent at what they do.

TMO is deliberate and consistent. I have learned to be consistent, to be conscious that young ones are growing and they would love to look up to me someday.

TMO is getting older, and the most amazing thing is that you can also endeavour to leave prints on the hearts of those around you. A phone call, airtime, data subscription, shoes, bags, clothes, wristwatches, time, prayer, and any other thing you find suitable. Above all, preach the gospel of Christ at all times. That is the greatest print you can leave on any man’s heart. Christ will be proud of you and you would be happy.

To celebrate our second year anniversary, we will be organising our second community outreach, themed: Leaving Prints On Hearts. We had the first in June 2017; you can click here to catch up. 

This time, it will be held in 5 different locations. To learn more about it and donate, kindly click Nothing is too small. We are counting on every little donation that comes in.

Hope this post stirs something in you? Do leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post. 


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