Recheck YOU! 

There’s an image of you that keeps people attracted to you and it takes that same image to define what kind of people that are attracted to you. This same image keeps them attracted to you.

If you are not pleased with the kind of people around you lately, they’re not to blame because your displayed image did the attraction. It begins with you.

Recheck you! 

You might have lost filtration layers in your relationships with people and become so porous that anyone comes in. Deep down, you are not satisfied with the kind of people around you.

Even the smallest unit of life (cell) operates on selective permeability. 

Your sphere of contact is the presentation and display of the richness of your personality.

Recheck you! 

If you are not willing to redefine who you are now, you can even lose the most valued things and pursuits you have. You could personally ruin your dreams for yourself and tend to enjoy a stagnant life that seems to be progressive but in the same position as a ‘relative motion’.

Wash the blindness off your eyes and see where you are tilting towards.

Recheck you! 

Reprogram and surround yourself with the persons your dreams can accommodate.

Wake up!!! And be fired up for your dreams.


Wasting resources is dangerous in becoming your dreams (you may not notice this until you recheck you). Learn to manage resources even if you have too much of it, it relates to your administration of life.

Give an account to yourself how much you expand in a given period of time and ask yourself if it’s necessary to spend this much in this phase of your life.

Recheck you! 

Never despise the things that sway your attention; they are the positive and negative sway makers. Negative sway makers are also called distractions.

Build a structure to minimize the negative sway makers and intensify systems to promote the positive sway makers.

Recheck you! 

I hope this encourages you to constantly run a self-examination on yourself. Do leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post. 


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