Don’t Die in Silence; Seek Help!

Help is an assistance or aid needed to prevent or correct a situation. Everyday life presents us with different options we have to choose from. Sometimes, we take the wrong step by choosing a wrong option which could have been avoided if we had sought someone’s help before making or taking actions. You seek help to go through a situation correctly and probably to correct a wrong step.

Individually, we experience different things at different times and what you are going through might be different from what I am going through but, the amazing thing is that there’s nothing you are going through that someone has not gone through. Therefore, all you have to do is to open up and seek help.

Seeking help does not mean the whole world is going to be aware of what’s happening to you so you don’t have to feel insecure.

All you should ensure is that you seek help from tested and trusted people such as parents, teachers, mentors, religious leaders, and counselors. You can as well click on the “Meet a Coach/Mentor” column on this site.

As an independent being, you have your temperament and this characteristic contributes to the level at which you open up and talk about the things that might be bothering you. You might be a very secretive person but that does not stop you from seeking help. Being secretive might not help you solve the issue. Even the bible says “in the multitude of counsel there’s safety” (Proverbs 11:14).

Technology has made it possible for us to network with people who we have not met physically. You can take advantage of this, if you are shy.

Areas you might need to seek help on as a teenager include;

  1. Career: Career counselors, professionals and teachers
    2. Health: Medical practitioners (we have one here, Olayemi Adeola @ademartiy)
  2. Relationship: Parent, Mentor and Others.

Stop taking critical decisions on your own, seek help from people who care to listen. I’m sure there’s someone who wants to hear you out. Remember God is our present help in times of trouble and He has made some people go through what you are going through.

Stop killing yourself silently. Seek help NOW!
Someone cares.

I hope this encourages you to seek help when necessary. Stay Strong. Do leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post. 


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