How Do You Leave Prints On Hearts?

We have Finger prints, foot prints and now heart prints. Finger prints go unnoticed, foot prints are noticed but can be washed away by waves of the sea, while heart prints are imbibed. They cannot be washed away even by the waves of time.

The ways we leave prints on hearts can be summed up in the word LOVE. When we show love to people, we leave a print on their heart that can never be erased.

How do you do this?

  • By dealing patiently with others.
  • By being kind to others.
  • By never being jealous or boastful, or arrogant or rude.
  • By not insisting on our own way in dealing with others.
  • When we are not irritable or resentful or rejoice at the wrong things, but rejoice in what’s right.

It’s not necessarily through material gifts that we can touch a life; material gifts will be exhausted someday but an act of kindness will never be forgotten. So, in all of our dealings with others, let us leave prints on hearts.

Sometimes a look of concern, a nod that we understand, a bend to lend an ear, a few words of compassion or just a caring glance are all ways to leave heart prints.

You can’t imagine how much joy and relief leaving prints on hearts can give. Try it today and see how much of a blessing you would be to someone out there.

To make anyone feel that you care, fortunately, does not take loads of money. In fact, it does not cost anything but a tender caring heart.

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We leave fingerprints on whatever our hands touch. On walls, on furniture, on doorknobs, dishes and books and as we touch, we leave our identity. Each day, we have the wonderful opportunity to leave prints on the hearts of those who are entrusted to our care.

The theme for this month in TMO is Leaving Prints On Hearts and as we prepare for our annual community outreach this month, we are encouraging everyone to reach out to people and leave prints on as many hearts as they can.

How do you intend to leave prints on someone’s heart from this day onward? Do leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post.


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