God is Enough!

When you are forsaken
Rejected and despised
Alone and lonely,
Remember his promises
To never forsake nor forget you

Remember he is determined
To give you an expected end
Even when you stand alone

Stand with God
Then you know you have all
He is all sufficient and enough

He proved enough
For Elijah in the bush
For the Israelites in the wilderness

Providing meat through ravens;
Manna fell from the sky
Water from the brook
In the most terrible situations

Life may present
To weigh you down
And turn you off
God is enough

To heal
To provide
To love
To care
To sustain
To assure
To restore
To keep

God is all we can ever need
He is enough.

This is to remind us that God is enough for us in life and that in him alone can we find our sufficiency. Man would never be able to satisfy man, man would never be able to love man to his content. Only God can!

God is truly enough.

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