Don’t Just Think it; Let Your Actions Speak

How do you become better?

For months I’ve been thinking, ‘I want to be better, I want to stop being this person. This person that procrastinates, this person that gets constantly depressed, this person that has unhealthy eating habits’. For months, this has been the thought at the back of my mind, but did I do anything about it? No, I did not. I thought about it, constantly in fact. Sometimes I even mentioned it to a few people, I kept saying it, I kept thinking it, but did I do anything? No.

One day, I came across an article online,“How can you change your life?” Changing my life for the better is always something I’ve wanted to do, I’ve always wanted to be better but the truth is I never knew how or let’s say I never even thought about how, I just knew I wanted it, and I thought about it and sometimes I said it, but honestly that was all there was to it for me. After clicking on the article, the first word that captured my attention was “ACTION”.

Wanting to be better is not enough, thinking about wanting to be better is not enough either, we need to take action.

Nothing in this life comes easy, you don’t get rich by constantly thinking about getting rich or by telling your friends you want to get rich. You don’t get good grades by constantly thinking about getting good grades. Everything requires a certain action before you get any results including changing your life for the better.

At the beginning it’s never easy, for someone who has unhealthy eating habits, it won’t be easy to just make a change to this habit, to just decide to start eating right. It is a gradual process and yes it starts with thinking and wanting to be better but it can only continue and stay when there is a corresponding action to this thought.

You can’t get out of any bad habit if you don’t take action, you can’t develop new better habits if you don’t take an action towards it. You can’t let go of those things you dislike about yourself if you don’t start to try. It all begins with an action. Sometimes, when my room is messy, and my mum will tell me to clean my room I’d say “I’ve been thinking about it though, I know I should” she’ll tell me “just because you’re thinking about it or just because you know you should tidy up doesn’t mean the room will clean itself.

So, start today, take that action you’ve spent so long thinking about. It doesn’t have to be something big or something major. Do it, no matter how small. It might be to get up and tidy your room or to do the assignment you’ve been pushing back or to read that note you’ve been avoiding. Don’t just think about it. Get up and do it. I believe you can, God believes you can, now believe in yourself!

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