Boiling- A Poem by Lorelie Joy

I fill the pot with water
Half empty,
Sat it on the hot stove
Put a lid on it and waited for it to boil.
I underestimated you,
I thought you were going to evaporate
After a while, but you kept boiling.
You never stopped, you used the heat
as energy, driving you into a boiling point
You boil a little bit faster now, more powerful.
Soon, the half-empty pot became full
But you didn’t stop there, you kept going
Pushing onto the lid with every thriving push,

You let the steam out.
Gradually, you began to boil over.
Dropping bits of water on the side of the pot
Sizzling below on the stove.
Then the next, you overflowed
Water gushing out, bursting in excitement
What a hard worker you are!
Started with nothing, ended with a lot
You are so powerful when you don’t give up.

– lorelie joy

About the Writer

Lorelie Joy

Name: Lorelie Joy
Biography: I’m a 17-year-old girl who was born in the Philippines and raised in New Zealand. I have an outgoing personality and I love talking but I feel like I’m more expressive of my emotions when I write about them. That was where my obsession with writing began.
Personal blog: Everyday Musings (

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