Music Monday: How Does the Word Speak to You?

Happy Happy Monday,

I can hardly imagine that we have just 8 more Mondays left in 2018. I mean it’s just amazing to think about the first Monday of the year and now the rest of the Mondays left is in single digits.

That being said, I hope we can say that God is truly good because He is.

You know, the whole reason behind Music Monday is to open our hearts to the endless opportunities that abound in the way God speaks to us through songs. Whether it be a groovy music you can swing your bodies to or the music that draws you to lift your hands to heaven in worship, we can all agree that Music has a way of connecting us to God.

Personally, spirit edifying songs inspired by God has been there for me through the roughest storms and also through the triumphant victories. There is no situation or condition that you cannot find a song to match your “mood”.

Today, I don’t have any musical lyrics for you.

I am sorry about that.

However, I would like you to very much share the lyrics of your ever comforting songs with me and it does not have to be in English. I am open to learning the songs you guys love to listen to.

I hope you have a great week ahead

Until next week.

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