Do you Really Know the Essence of Valentine?

Valentine’s day special

Love is being celebrated around the globe today. 🤗🤗🤗

Take a little moment to ponder on what valentine’s day really mean to you.
Lack of meaning or wrong definition makes inevitable actions to be initiated and happenings to take place.

Remember, when the usefulness of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.

Yea, He claims that he loves you, she claims that she loves you, but what matters most is the true love of God.

Take heed of losing treasures at the expense of pleasures.

The pleasure won’t last, it’s just for a moment but God’s eternal love endures forever. It’s worth holding on to.

Be careful not to defile the temple, love does not destroy but makes whole.
Love is not self-seeking and selfish.

Be careful not to be carried away with the sugar-coated mouths, hangout and gifts at the expense of your sexual purity and self-worth.

Stand for sexual purity

You are worth more than rubies, you are priceless and treasured by God. Let no one treat you as less of that!

Have you found Christ? Have you had a grasp of how much he loves you? Embrace His love and enjoy life eternal. God loves you so much

Don’t take today as an opportunity to defile yourself thinking you’re just having fun. Take heed and ensure that you love with the love of the Lord!

I am a love being.
I express Christ.

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