Ways to Celebrate Valentine as a Single

February 14 is here, that time of the year when virtually everybody is excited and pumped up in celebrating love, mostly romantic. Now, as a single person, this Valentine is not a time for self-pity, depression or daydreaming about that person and when he/she would come around. Rather, it should be a time when you celebrate your singlehood. Yeah, being in relationships could be exciting because of your significant other but it is key to know that:

If you are not happy as an individual, no person or relationship can bring the satisfaction you crave. 

Being single is amazing, as it is a time you have to develop yourself before you get involved with someone else. It is a time to add value to yourself so that you would later be an asset in your relationship and to that person.

It is that time to do the things you love doing and get satisfaction from life without having to depend on a relationship for joy.

So, celebrate your singlehood, celebrate the wonder in You and make the most out of this time.

Ways to Celebrate Valentine as a Single

1. Introspect

This is an act of looking inward; specifically, the process of self-examination or inspection of one’s own thoughts and feelings. You can spend the Valentine day examining yourself, your growth, thoughts, aspirations, goals, strengths, flaws and how to overcome them in order to be a better person and also in order to be able to add value to that significant other when they eventually arrive.

2. Hang out with siblings, friends

Valentine is all about love, right? Not only romantic but it could also mean celebrating love with your siblings and friends. So, in the place of that person, you could hang out with your friends, siblings and anyone you love. Go see a movie, have dinner in your house or anywhere you want, snap pictures, go sightseeing. Just enjoy yourself with your loved ones.

3. Show love to someone

It is a season of love and beyond showing love to people you know, you could also extend the act of love to others. Pay someone’s bus fare, give to beggars, give out that cloth you no longer wear but is still in good condition. Just show love to someone, put a smile on their face.

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4. Do something that makes you feel happy

Is it singing, dancing, cooking, painting, drawing, whatever that makes you satisfied. Do it and celebrate Valentine’s day in your own special way; doing your hobby.

5. Visit an old friend

You could also take out time to visit old friends, remember that longtime Bestie, call and fix a date on Valentine day to reconnect. Remember to ask if they would be busy or not, in case they have found a Val date earlier.

6. Read a good book

Yeah, pick up a good book and read. You could pick one from your favourite author or try out another interesting author. Take out the day to add more knowledge to yourself.

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How do you plan on celebrating Valentine’s day? Do share in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post.


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