School Outreach 9- Ibadan, Nigeria | PadAteen Project

The PadATeen outreach at Ibadan Nigeria was a collaboration with Sanitary Aid NG and was held on the 28th of March, 2019 at Orogún Grammar School, Orogún. The team comprised of Miracle Abraham, Oluwatimileyin Bolawa and Olamide Odukoya who is a representative from Sanitary Aid NG.

PadATeen 2019, Ibadan
Representative from S.A.N.G

We promptly proceeded to the Principal’s office to drop off the sack containing 200 packs of the newly produced reusable sanitary pads as well as a pack of soft drinks for the school’s administrative staff.

As the morning assembly began, we prepared the documents for taking record of the students who would receive sanitary pads and a strategy on how to carry out the assignment flawlessly.

PadATeen 2019, Ibadan

After the school’s general assembly, the girls in JSS3, SS1 and SS2 were asked to wait behind.

During the lecture on sanitary hygiene, the female students were asked questions and those who gave the correct answers were given booklets on sanitary hygiene.

PadATeen 2019, Ibadan
Booklet from S.A.N.G

As the short lecture came to an end, we began distributing the reusable sanitary pads to the students. Two hundred female students were given the sanitary pads. After the outreach, we took pictures with the students as they thanked Teens Meet Online, Sanitary Aid NG and Arami Essentials, one of the sponsors.

The TMO Pad-A-Teen Outreach in Ibadan was a huge success. We hope for greater successes in the outreaches to come.

We are always looking for support in cash or kind and you can be a great blessing to us. Simply send a mail to if you will like to support us or fill our contact form here. You can also be one of our volunteers in any location by following the instructions here.


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