In 2020, Don’t Be P.O.O.R.

To be poor does not necessarily mean the lack of money or little. It also does not totally mean lack of the basic human needs like food, shelter and clothing. We can attribute this to being poor but it doesn’t stop there. Being poor could also mean Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly.

A man is poor when he lacks all these basic necessities of life but he will remain poor if he consistently misses and fails to act on opportunities that life present to him.

In every circumstance, everything and every place, there are always opportunities staring at us in the face. But we need to grab them and act on them immediately.

The not-so-pleasing-to hear truth is that opportunities most of the times present themselves in form of problems, disappointments and failures. Those things we don’t want to see. So it takes ample effort to identify them and to do so, we have to see beyond whatever form they present themselves.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein

The kind of mindset we operate with will determine to a great extent how we can do this.

The mindset that settles for less is never going to get hold of any opportunity for greater and better success. The mindset that quits so easily also would not be able to place a single foot.

To identify opportunities, you must first be accountable for what you have and what you want. This opens you up to the reality of the situation and what is needed to get to what you want from what you need.

To see an opportunity, we must be open to all thoughts.

Catherine Pulsifier

Next, you need to act!

Knowing is not enough, doing is what makes everything you know make sense and profitable. The reason why some people believe that you have to create opportunities and not wait for them is that acting i.e doing what is necessary to achieve the desired result only gives you a slight chance.

So, the trick is you don’t wait or waste time analyzing, you get to act ASAP, seizing the opportunity as soon as you find it. But this is only possible if your mantra is living ready i.e., you are always on the lookout for opportunities.

As you go about your daily activities in the new year, always be on the lookout for opportunities and act on them immediately.

Remember, opportunities can be in any form. There will always be opportunities to touch a life, opportunities to be a better person, opportunities to reach out to someone, opportunities to build relationship, opportunities to make money.

Opportunities will surely come, so be ever ready for them and when you see one, grab it and act on it immediately.

It is a new year and a time to change. Stop being poor! Don’t pass over opportunities repeatedly, seize them and make 2020 a better year than 2019.

How do you plan to take charge of your 2020 and miss out on opportunities? I’ll like to hear from you in the comments.


2 thoughts on “In 2020, Don’t Be P.O.O.R.

    1. Thanks for reading through

      Great things are in store for us this year, don’t forget to make good use of opportunities..



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