On Easter Sunday

It all started on Friday,
At a place called Calvary.
It’s amazing how a project that lasted for just three days
Successfully paid the debt of sin for all mankind.

Yes, it was bloody;
On the old rugged cross,
The son of man was slaughtered
And the blood that was spilled wiped clean all sinners’ slate;
It was a work that shook two kingdoms,
It was a work of Redemption.

He died, but death couldn’t sting him
He was taken to the grave,
But no! It couldn’t overcome him.
Even the tomb was sealed so that no one could steal his body
It was all part of the project layout,

And on the third day,
On Easter Sunday,
The unusual happened,
The unmovable stone in front of his grave was removed.


The soldiers guarding the tomb with their weapons were nowhere to be found.
They searched for him, but couldn’t find him.
The son of man had risen!
He got out of the tomb, so I could capture salvation
What a beautiful day God’s love and glory was revealed.
He completed the work of redemption
And fulfilled the promise of love.

Glory to God!


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