How not to Care About What People Think of You as a Teenager/Young Adult

As humans, we are created to be social beings, there’s no doubt about that. However, in our thirst for social acceptance we often do things just for the sake of pleasing others, neglecting our own happiness in the process. This, my friends, is extreme and this post has been created to tackle just that.

There is absolutely no crime in caring about what people think, especially people close to you, but what happens when you care too much as a teenager/young adult?
In this era, It’s important to uphold your peace and sanity by not caring as much, mentioned below are the reasons why.

1. Hurt People Hurt People

Most of the time, it’s not really about you. So don’t take hate comments personally. A lot of people who are hurting have nothing better to do than to be hateful. In an attempt to cover up there personal pain they do what they do under the allias of just being blunt.

Basically don’t allow others to impose the pain they’ve gone through on you through indirect means and don’t allow others to reflect their insecurities on you either.

2. You Only Live Once

Life is too short to live your life tied to pleasing everybody at the same time. Things don’t work that way. You need to be true to yourself. Don’t struggle to meet people’s expectations at the expense of your own happiness and sanity.

3. Everyone has the Right to an Opinion

Your sister, your aunt, your friend, your colleague at work or school, all have the right to have opinions. But what is the definition of opinions? Opinions are beliefs emanating from a person’s thought processes based on their own perspective. Opinions are actually not factual. So it’s important to not take everyone’s opinion to heart.

4. You can’t Achieve your Goals and Please People at the Same Time.

You can read that again. You need to know that your character alone, sometimes, can trigger people’s insecurities. You shouldn’t live this life like someone walking on glass just because you are afraid of making people’s insecurities explode. You are not responsible for people’s feelings.

When you make a move in life, be it by starting a business or advancing your career; you are triggering people’s complacency. How people react however, is none of your business, just keep up the grind.

5. Care About the People who Care About You Instead

So many times in life, we focus on the bad than on the good. This time around, I need you to shift your focus to the positive people in your life. The people who have your best interest at heart, the ones who cheer you on, the ones who are loyal not to your presentation or position but to your character and personality. These people are the ones who truly matter so keep them close.


You can’t change people’s actions but you have the power to determine your reaction or response in a given situation.

Everything I’ve mentioned might be easier said than done but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. A mindset shift does not happen overnight. It’s built through constant practice.

The beautiful thing is that you can start now. Let what you think about yourself be more important than what other people think about you.