Victoria’s TMO Experience

Your Name

Adepoju Victoria

How long have you been with TMO?


Describe your experience with TMO so far.

It’s been so wonderful and amazing being with TMO. And I count it such a privilege being a part of the management team. Every activities of TMO has been a major training ground for me and I have been blessed being a volunteer at TMO.

What’s your area of commitment to TMO (Media, Blog Author, Graphics, Location Head, Member, Follower)

Management Team

Have you benefitted from being a part of TMO in any way, please share an instance with us? 

Yes I have benefited from being a part of TMO because from it has from it’s inception helped me to discover and develop my passion for teenagers and young adults. It has also helped me to gain special recognition for being a volunteer.

Do you love TMO? If yes, tell us why, if no (I don’t know why you should say no). Lol

Absolutely, I love TMO because it impacts the lives of both teenagers and adults.

It’s our anniversary, leave some sweet words for us. 

TMO is doing well and I’m always proud of her anyday anytime 🤗🤗🤗

What’s one thing that stands out about TMO to you 

The fact that TMO operates both online and offline and the great impacts made within this short period of time.

Is there anything you’ll like to see us do differently this new year? please, share. 

It can always get better 💪

Thank you so much, Victoria!


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