Teen Depression | Treatment | What to do | How parents can help

We’ve dealt with the common signs and symptoms of teen depression, and also the leading causes. We’ll be looking into its management and how to deal with it. Before you can think of any remedy at all, the type and severity of the depression needs to be in check. However, in general, psychotherapy and medication is very effective. Looking at it from an angle, a teen who has been depressed to the point of taking his/her own life will definitely need an upper hand in managing the depression. If, on the other hand, it is still minor or at its early stage, you can take care of it in simpler ways, even before it escalates. I’ll be discussing some options below, which includes: psychotherapy, medications, workout, music, care for yourself, and prayer. Keep reading to know more about these options… … More Teen Depression | Treatment | What to do | How parents can help

Teen Depression | Major Causes

Having discussed the overview of depression and warning signs and symptoms to it, we’ll be digging into its causes. The main cause of depression is not known, as it has no specific cause, but there are a number of things that can lead to depression in teenagers. Adolescence comes with its own turbulent times, and although teen depression is alike with adult depression, some things can’t still be aligned, like some causes linked to teen depression and the management thereafter. Before dealing with the management of depression, it’s best you reach the root and know what exactly the cause is. Then, you will know where and how to tackle it.

I’ll be highlighting a number of these causes here; I can’t possibly give a drop-down list of all the causes, as they are diverse. I’ll only be discussing some major common ones… … More Teen Depression | Major Causes

Teen Depression | Signs and Symptoms

It’s normal to feel down once in a while, as life will not always be rosy. It is, however, not okay to be down consistently and keep living a life of despair. I should probably be attributing this to parents, but a teenager’s life doesn’t always revolve around parents. Many times they are with other people or even by their own selves. The first step to solving an issue is by identifying what exactly the issue is, and then, seek for ways to handle it. If you don’t know what exactly is wrong with you, it’ll be difficult to deal with it… … More Teen Depression | Signs and Symptoms

Teen Depression | What it is all about

Depression is misery. It tampers heavily with emotions and it goes beyond just that word “depression”. I see depression as a miserable thing with many branches that can destroy one’s life, in bits. Have you ever imagined this happening to an adolescent? It is tragic. I’m not saying others deserve to be depressed, no one deserves it at all, it’s like a disease that should never be gotten in the first place. … More Teen Depression | What it is all about