The Danger of Destructive Comparison

I have chosen to consciously believe in the predestination of a path that is the very best for me.

On some nights, it is not much comfort. I still struggle very much with destructive comparison. But I have chosen to never be held down; to ensure that I keep making progress regardless of how minute it may seem. … More The Danger of Destructive Comparison


Superpowers Introverts Possess in a World of Noise

Introverts can be successful. They can make a name for themselves. Even though they have their weaknesses, they can be superpowers in disguise. As an introvert, look for the superpowers within it. Yes, they are in you and you have enough to make a name for yourself. Don’t give up on your personality. Don’t feel tempted to pretend. … More Superpowers Introverts Possess in a World of Noise