The Search For Identity

For the purpose of this study, we’ll discuss two case studies, Kelvin and Juliet:


A respectful, helpful, kind, gentle and tolerant young boy. He follows morals and religious principles. He chose to follow what he was taught by parents, guardians and teachers. But he struggles every day, looking at the world around him. All the values he was taught seems to be passing away. He is not like his peers who are aggressive, defiant and lack moral value. His peers do not accept him because they know he won’t bend his morals when they get in trouble; he would be honest.

Kelvin now wallows in the sea of loneliness because of his choices. To add to his depression, the media is preaching that you do anything that makes you feel good. The shows on televisions for his age group says all is fair for a teenager; things like bullying, premarital sex, violent behaviors and breaking rules.

The internet is quite an open avenue to do as you wish with no boundaries.

Kelvin is faced with a lot of decisions and choices he has to make.


She’s an average student who was a friend to Jane. Over the years of their friendship, Juliet has always wanted to be like her friend. She has always wanted to be recognized during the prize giving day as a best student. Because of this insecurity, Juliet began to nurse some kind of hatred towards Jane. Gradually, she began to lose herself whenever she’s with Jane; she’s always ready to pick a fight with her. She won’t cooperate with her if they were given a group project in class. She just doesn’t want anything to do with her.

Kelvin and Juliet here are both struggling for a place in the society. They want to be recognized by their peers and be accepted just like everyone else. They are faced with anxieties and insecurities.


You get over all these when know who you are- your identity.

Identity is said to be the character that marks off an individual from the rest of the same kind.

You have to get over your anxieties by knowing that you have a character that marks you off your peers- what makes you unique. You have to bring yourself to the truth that “others may, but I cannot”.


Thank goodness you recognized that you can be better than your friend but darling, you are approaching it the wrong way. You don’t have to hate your friend because of her success. Rather, get closer to her, appreciate her, encourage her and gradually you will become like her. I understand you also want to be recognized as a highflying student but you can’t do that by pushing your friend away. She’s your friend and friends help friends, right? I’m sure if you keep being her friend you will only get better.

Are you Kelvin or Juliet? There are potentials in you that you need to build up. Quit the unhealthy comparisons and get to know who you truly are.

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