“I was a lesbian because I really needed someone to cool my body down from sexual urges”- Oyindamola Adetona

Oyindamola decides to share an ugly part of her, hoping that someone out there would learn. For a young lady who was a lesbian and was almost raped, you should read to know more…


I am Oyindamola Adetona, and I’d love to share my story with you

Since I was six years old, I’ve been staying with my grandmother, and I really won’t mind sharing both the good and bad side of my life. Although, I was so young then, I remember so well that my mum dropped me with my granny because she needed someone to assist her with some things in her shop. I didn’t have a choice than to agree to the change, although she is my step-mother and I choose not to see her as one. I was enrolled into one of the best schools in our area then, that made me turn out to be Omo Akute-Ajuwon, and my life continued that way till I got admitted to Junior Secondary School.

My granny had a daughter who stayed with her then, but she didn’t have a job; all she did was to steal her mum’s goods, and unfortunately for me, I joined her in stealing. I watched as she stole, and gradually, it became easier for me to do same. Many times, she would send me to go steal for her. I started from 20 Naira, and progressed till I got to the highest note, 1000 naira. I remember very clearly, whenever my granny wanted to keep her money, I would pretend to be asleep, just so I know where the money was kept. So, my theft was mainly at nights. It continued that way until I was almost caught.

Not too long after, a guy came to stay with us; he happened to be a friend of my brother, and I was only a little over 14years as at then. He asked me out but I refused because he was a drunkard and a smoker, which got me irritated.

One particular day, I was to get an item for my granny inside her room; I saw this guy there and you won’t believe he was actually naked. Scared, I ran away and refused to tell those I stayed with. He didn’t stop doing that, all for me to change my mind. Well, I didn’t, and that was mainly because I was a lesbian and was pretty scared of pregnancy.

Then one night, it happened that I was coming out from our second parlor when this guy grabbed me and almost raped me! He didn’t stop until I shouted. I had to report to my granny the second day and she warned him, but he refused to stop.
Left to me, I feel they should have sent him away but they didn’t, due to the fact that he helped with some house chores and errands. He continued that way, until they caught him themselves and he was reported to my brother who later sent him away.

I was a lesbian because I really needed someone to cool my body down from sexual urges, unknowing to me that I was damaging my soul. I didn’t even know it was so bad till after I graduated from secondary school, and saw myself sleeping with my younger sis and niece. I felt really bad.

My mum paid my fees throughout my secondary school, even till I wrote my WAEC, JAMB, and other external exams. I returned back to her place while I was in my final year in secondary school. On getting there, I started dating every guy that came my way, kissed, and did all sorts, asides sex. I knew it was bad but it was really difficult to stop.

Then one fateful day, I became so angry with myself that I cried so much and asked God why I had to be that way. There was no one to turn to, even mum was tough and never lent me her ears. Somehow, goodness came my way, and I met a sister on social network who helped me and made me a better person. I eventually gave my life to Christ late last year and I’ve been fine ever since. It’s been tough, really, but I’m stronger now.

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About the Writer:
Oyindamola Adetona hails from Osun State, Nigeria. A teenager who is proud to be one, and she loves singing.

You can connect with her via Facebook or her email address: adetonaoyindamola1@gmail.com

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