Steps On How to Act On Your Self Assessment

Self-assessment is a process of you looking at yourself, in order to assess your identity; know your strengths and areas for improvement. It’s not just about assessing yourself, but also by taking actions on the assessments you’ve made. Below are 6 steps to act on your self assessments.

1. Review

Write out your list of strengths, areas of improvements, and opportunities, and review them closely. Some things might not seem necessary, cross them out, and focus on the ones that worth your time.

2. Don’t give up

Along the line, you might get discouraged, but you must learn to keep pressing on and not to give up. When discouragement surfaces, you can pause what you are working on at that particular time, and focus on things that are easy to fix; you will then get back to it. A very interesting way to encourage yourself is by rewarding yourself for identifying areas that needs improvement and also acting on them.

3. Converse with friends

Many times, we can’t get the truth out of ourselves; there are many things that can only be known through friends, relatives, and other people. While you do your self-assessment, trusted friends should be your best option; ask them how they see you and how corrections can be made.

4. Create an action plan

Be ready to work and act on your observations; create a plan to go about it. While you create the plan, be sure it is realistic and achievable, to avoid being a failure for not meeting up. If a goal seem too big, you can break it into subgoals, and a step-by-step process to achieving it.

5. Record your progress

This is how to know how far you have gone and how much still needs to be done. After completing every goal, cross it off to show that you are done with it. If some factors are hindering you from attaining your goals at a set time, device means to overcome them and move on.

6. Don’t be harsh on yourself

Consider yourself as a friend and remember you are human and can still make mistakes. While you sincerely work on your goals, be gentle and kind to yourself. Forgive yourself when you do not meet up with a set goal, and plan how to move on, rather than seeing yourself as a failure. Don’t be keen on improvement so much that you forget other aspects of your life; catch fun and do everything in moderation.

Be consistent with self-improvement!


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