Inner and Outer Beauty


The inner beauty comes from the inside of a person, the one God has planted in man and the person keeps the beauty glowing by allowing the spirit of God to take charge at all times. Also living and being at peace with people around them.

The inner beauty is God-made

The outer beauty is the physical appearance. It is not at all best having the outer beauty and not having the inner beauty.

When the inner beauty is there, the outer doesn’t need much make-over

For instance, when you are in a relationship with Jesus, you are happy, and you live at peace with people. You feel relaxed in your inside and it will reflect on the outside

On the other hand, when your life is being controlled by happenings around you; you are not always happy; you are not at peace with people, then the inner beauty will be nowhere to be found, which will surely affect the outer beauty no matter how you try to look okay as the case may be.

No amount of makeover can make you look as beautiful as you would be if you possess the inner beauty.

Allow Jesus and He would will give you the inner beauty that will change your outward appearance (outer beauty) for the best.

Dear, allow God to make you over and you won’t need to apply makeover to look beautiful and attractive towards people.

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