The smell of our love was like a vanilla top strawberry. You stole my heart like a thief without an ultimatum. You walked in like a hungry lion and devoured my soul with your addictive smell. You made me feel like you were my last breath, giving me those lustful moments.

I longed for you, searching the moon and the sky when you disappeared. I knocked the door of my heart, hoping it has locked you there somehow. I searched the darkest room to find you, but you were not there. You left me with an immerse hunger only you can satisfy. I kept hoping that one day you’ll realize my worth and come back searching for me like I am for you. My happiest day will arrive once you and I are buried in the same coffin, with our bodies wrinkled and old, lying next to each other, with our memories. Filled only with passion and love.

I knocked on every door searching and hoping you will be there waiting for me. They told me to move on but what I felt was for a life time. You are the medicine to my heart ache. Finally, I found you! I was terrified to see the thorns that surrounded your body. You were wounded and covered with blood. You were thirsty and was hurting; I was broken a million times seeing you that way. I tried to help even if the ground was shattered with broken bottles. I climbed on each of them suppressing the pain till I get to you. My soul was already holding you. To my awe I reached you, but it was a mistake. You were clothed with filth of infidelity and lies. Your blood was the sweat of those nights you were in the comfort of another lily. The scars on your body were those scratches placed by your sinful act, when you allowed another finger to make a drawing far different from mine.

This time, I climbed the thorny grounds and I did not any feel pain. Yes, I was determined to let go even if you took a big part of me with you already. I hope that, one day, you’ll love like I do and go true the same torture you put me through.

I’m in my own coffin right now but all I see is you and me. My skin looks like as I was yesterday, fresh and charming. Only you were outside staring at me from the translucent glass, with your face clouded with the rain from above. I guess you realized my worth the minute I took the toxic substance hoping I find peace the second my heart stop racing for you,  but No, I landed in a place where even your love couldn’t save me.


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