Do not Judge People by Sight

I talked about the outer and inner beauty recently. In this post I will be dwelling on the word ‘Outer’

Outer is the physical that everyone sees mostly. When you approach a person or someone approaches you, the first thing you’ll notice is the physical appearance of the person.

When we look at people this way, as humans we have the tendency to say something about or judge the person based on what we noticed in the person’s physique

I will give some instances here;

Instance 1

There’s a lady in my church who relates with people on a lovely neutral and normal ground but anytime I set my eyes on her, I see her as a classy (in the sense that she has categories of people she can relate and be friends with) lady kind of.

That was my own judgement about her (I judged her based on what I saw from afar so to say).
The day I had the opportunity to meet with her personally and discuss with her was when I got to know that she is a very friendly and kind Lady
Had it been I didn’t mover closer, I wouldn’t have been able to notice the real her.

Instance 2

When you see a drunkard or a prostitute (doesn’t apply to all), it is easy to tell from their physical or facial appearance, especially a drunkard.
Does this mean that if I see someone in such state, the person is a drunkard too? No, although not in every cases.
Though physical appearance tells a lot about a person, it also has a way of misleading people in their judgement of who the person is.

Instance 3

There’s a story I read of a pastor’s wife who would come to church in the same car and attire with her husband (the church pastor).
The woman is beautiful and always smiling in church that some church members do envy her. It was later discovered that the woman was dying of leukemia and she had fibroid.

The husband wasn’t aware of everything happening to her because he went to rent an apartment outside their home so that he could concentrate on the work of God (his ministry).
He would just pick her up at home for church services and they would go to church together. Her faked-smile fooled everyone and they didn’t know she was enduring her marriage.

In instances like this, I think it takes the help of the Holy Spirit to discern what’s going on.
People would have said things like ‘I want my marriage to be like our pastor’s own’
It’s the physical you are seeing, do you know what’s actually happening behind closed doors?

Judging by sight at times makes us feel less of people and feel high of ourselves or vice versa

To know better, move closer to the person

Do not judge a book by its cover; so also do not judge a person by their physical look or appearance.

Nobody is perfect, only God is.

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