That day when I finally get to have all the nicest things I have ever wanted.

That day, when all my tiny little wishes would come through in my own little way.

Now I feel different about it.

No more clothes to sparkle the morning,

Or new hair to make you feel brand new,

Or new shoes that shone brighter than the steel.

That day used to be the day I fantasize about the eleventh month.

Everything about that day seem different.

The food, the smell, the surroundings.

Hmmm…and colours.

Why that uneasiness within me.

I feel different this day.

I feel like so many things should be happening, but they aren’t.

Am I getting older or taller or wiser?

But no one ever outgrow Christmas.

Christmas is a feeling of joy, not about those gifts we receive.

Christmas is that feeling of having nothing but still united with love and family.

It is that mood of thankfulness, excitement and joy.

But above all, Christmas is being thankful for someone always putting Himself first for us, over and over again.

It is not about the new shoes or the clothes or the new hair, it is the spirit of togetherness and feeling of appreciation.

It is admitting that Jesus is real.

Yes it is about HIM,

Only about him.


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