Stray Dog | by Oladoyin Oluwabukunmi Olabode

As teenagers, there are times when our parents advice us on different and diverse issues but there is this voice in our head hell bent on leading us astray.

I was in the dark
when my frivolities ensnared me, here and there.
when they turn their back
I give a respectful sneer

Their lovely advise
incinerated they turn
as the villain in me rise
vigorously like the sun

joyful and happy in my folly i was
chasing what seems to be an easy prey
just like the hunter’s dog does
No! No! I sounded the distress call
when I realized I-WAS-L-O-S-T

I scrambled across every path
looking for a way back home
wandering on the surface of earth
craving, yes craving for everything I once owned
and forever heavy became my heart
I had lost my way home
I am now a stray dog
who maliced the hunters whistle.

About the Writer


Oluwabukunmi Olabode Oladoyin is a young writer who Loves to write poems. He learns to play the guitar when he is not writing.

Contact: @teestringz on Instagram and Twitter
Oladoyin Oluwabukunmi Olabode on Facebook


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