The ‘New year-New me’ thing! | by Abayomi Adeola

Have you ever wondered?

You’re going into a new year and so you give a long list of your new resolutions but it never works out? Well, for 2017, I have my very resolutions. I’m prepared absolutely to follow them next year.

Why do we always think things can’t change? Why do we always keep in the idea of “I just cannot change, that’s how I am”? Naaah!,  you can change and make fresh decisions! Yay! Ride on with me.

2016 was coming and I promised myself to start on fulfilling God’s purpose for me and boom! I’m here on my purpose! Manifesting! Oh! I can hear you whisper “you just had the chance that’s why”. My dear, I had no chance, I just had grace. Grace. Grace. Grace.

Now, to it. I was gon’ share my resolutions huh? I’d just share five of them. Oh now don’t beg me to share all (personal things huh)!

First: Hold on to positive friends

For me, as revealed, friends take a very crucial part of my life. They make or mar me and so I made a decision POSITIVE friends should take the lead in 2017. Friends who would move me closer to God. Always remind me of my purpose and then bring out the best in me. POSITIVE friends.

Second: Touch lives subtly

I tell people, you don’t need to shout. You really don’t need to force people to change. I’d just let my lifestyle lead you to the cross. Yaay! I’ve started. Though not to the fullest. I’m coming ehh! Touching lives will help you to keep staying strong and living exactly what you profess.

Third: Walk firmly with God above anyone

I remember telling God “Lord! I want a future partner who loves you even more than me!”. Once you start to love people more than the work of God or God himself. You’re in hot ogbono soup. Serious. Abeg, let me just sit jejely with the Most High. 2017!!! I’m excited.

Fourth: I’m so living above hate and jealousy!

I don’t wan’ check your height. No, I just wanna know how you got there and so I’m gon’ walk up straight to you for help irrespective of your age or size (Oh yeah!). I’ve learnt in 2016. A lady walked up to me and said “Della, how do you do it? Where’s the strength?”, she learnt. Now, she’s seriously pursuing hers, having gained knowledge on what path to take. Don’t just envy people. Envy them positively. Let them know. Aspire. Meet up with them. They’ll put you through. I’ve envied a lot of people in 2016, and I walked up to them for help and they were ever ready (I envied TeeFaith sef, she can testify)  and I’m so holding my torch!

Fifth: I plan to change the mentality of so many

Who told you you can’t make it? Who says recession is an excuse? Who said of your destiny  is slated to fail? Who says you can’t lead? Who says you have to  graduate first? Who says the Potter slumbers? Oh tell me! Who says you are a slave? Who calls you a fool? Who says to you “shut up”? Oh who says your case is impossible?

When men have talked and God hasn’t , Hold on to just God! Know what he has to say. He has the final say!

For what I ought to share, it ends here! You could join me in these resolutions. Together, we’d build a better world! Yeah! I feel like running into 2017. Lol.


About the Writer

Abayomi Adeola

Abayomi Adeola (Della) is studying to be a Lawyer in Obafemi Awolowo University. A writer/Poet. A blogger on Founder of the Dellasdiary movement (Dashing Out Hopes) – An NGO. Co-initiator of an NGO-Raised To Make Values. She lives to impact. She’s a Philomath. A teenager. A God driven lady who loves to see teenagers excel. Her love for beans is doing “gbim gbim”. Lol.


2 thoughts on “The ‘New year-New me’ thing! | by Abayomi Adeola

  1. Fantastic resolutions. I’m in love with them already.
    That love for beans though. Hmm… I also love beans too o. Lol. Just give me bread 🍞 and beans rich in palm oil and I will bless you with lots of praise. Happy New Year!!!

    Liked by 2 people

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